As Good as it Gets

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And we're back.  Last week was a bit nuts:

I was pulled over for the first time for speeding, half of our household was sick (not me of course, I followed the hallowed advice of Tony Kornheiser and ate a massive amount of fast food to kill the germs), it is officially tax season (wah wahhhh), #DeleteUber started trending (more on that later), and we had some of the most beautiful weather Arizona will get all year.  

If you are able, get outside and enjoy it while it lasts.  T-minus 4 months until 113 degrees is back!  I'll be in Usery soaking up all of the beautiful weather that I can.

Quick hitters that I thought were important: Queen B is having twins (we're the best, trust me), our nation's capital was thrown into chaos by a super chill bobcat named Ollie, and Winona Ryder looks like she had a brief moment of delirium at the SAG Awards.


Recap!  I said I wasn't confident in my picks last week and went a gut-wrenching 0-3, bringing my record to 5-6.  I didn't lose any money, but I may have lost some credibility.

Superbowl!  My gambling nightmare.  I have whiffed on the big game for the last 4 years, so please don't bet with me this week.  

I am taking the New England Patriots -3, and I am taking the Under on 59 total points scored for the game.  I am really just hoping for a super awkward experience with Brady and Goodell if that Pats win it.  

What I'm Drinking: Sand Reckoner "2"

The beautiful Allison Osugi aka "Wifey".

I had to drive to Bisbee for work this week, and it was FREEZING.  Note to self: a Zara bomber jacket looks cool, but its primary function is not to keep you warm.  

I felt like I had to get this wine at Olive and Ivy for date night, since it is a local one from that general area in Cochise County. 70% Sangiovese and 30% Syrah.  Amazing.  A little cherry and tobacco smokiness in there.  

What I'm Eating: Mora Italian

New section!  Scott Conant, my favorite celebrity chef, is opening a brand new restaurant in Phoenix this week!  

I've been lucky enough to visit three of his restaurants in Las Vegas and LA, and now we are getting one in our own backyard.  I'll report back next week on my experience, and I am expecting nothing but excellence.  Riccotta Fritters here I come!



What I'm Listening To: HONNE Warm On A Cold Night

Not a new album, but a great album.  Thanks Bryce Hicok for sending that my way.  It's amazing all of the way through.  



Final Thoughts

This is a direct quote from an Instagram post that has since been deleted:

#deleteuber Looks like I'm riding in a Lyft today, drinking Starbucks and staying in an Airbnb for my next vacation.


This is my personal stance: Please do not commercialize yourself politically.  Your voice and opinions matter, but they matter less when your statement is riding in a Lyft and drinking Starbucks.  

I am going to guess this person was probably going to go get that coffee anyway.  There is nothing real at stake in this case, and those actions don't help shape the political landscape.  

To be clear, I am glad that this #deleteuber movement influenced Travis Kalanick to step down from the Trump advisory board, even if the #deleteuber hashtag was only a part of the decision.  

If you actually care about the refugee crisis you can donate to the International Rescue Commission or the American Refugee Committee.  Write to your Senators.  If you want some historical context, this story has been floating around this week, and finally, a quick piece on why you shouldn't tell journalists to "stick to sports" because you don't agree with them politically (I'll save you a click: they're humans with opinions and consciences too!).  

Lastly, I'd like to sincerely thank everyone for taking the time to read these posts.  I have really enjoyed learning how to generate meaningful content, and I appreciate the interactions I am getting both on the site and on my different social media accounts.  Have a great weekend.