Hi, I'm Travis Osugi

About Me

I am an Arizona-native who is inspired by technology and its ability to make our lives better.  I have a passion for helping my clients and coworkers integrate technology into their everyday lives.

Officially, my job as Empire Southwest's Technology Product Specialist is to implement and support our equipment management software solutions.

What I enjoy about my job is that I get to put myself in my clients' shoes and use every available resource to help them run their business.  I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and working with a team on intricate solutions to complex problems, and I love a good challenge.

When I am not at work I am honing my cooking skills, woodworking, playing competitive sports, and music.  I love reading in-depth analysis on politics and sports, playing with new technology, refining my coffee palate, and traveling to as many places as possible.


What we need to do is always lean into the future.

... When the world changes around you and when it changes against you -- what used to be a tail wind is now a head wind -- you have to lean into that and figure out what to do because complaining isn't a strategy. 


Technology Product Specialist

Empire Southwest

2014 - present

Responsible for the development and execution of technology-based initiatives.  Assess technology market opportunities through research and metric analysis, while providing recommendations for management teams.  Plan and direct training, electronic learning, multimedia programs, and other computer-aided instruction technologies, simulators, conferences, and workshops.  Develop management systems to monitor product installations, build metrics to track returns on investment.  Build and manage relationships with Trimble and Caterpillar technology teams.

Leader in Digital Operations for Caterpillar Dealerships in North America and Europe- Empire's technology product teams have been the leader in Caterpillar's measurement of Digital Operations since the creation of this metric in 2017.

Nominated for the Excellence in Innovative Marketing - 2015 Caterpillar Americas Marketing Awards.

Operations Associate


2012 - 2014

Rotate through and observe Operations in seven Empire departments: Marketing, Mining, Sales and Rental, Condition Monitoring/Technical Services, Contracts, Parts, and Product Support Sales.  Provide analysis and process improvement recommendations based off of individual findings to the Executive Team biannually.

Completed Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification.

Electronic Records Coordinator

Dominic medical Center

2008 - 2012

Archive paper and electronic medical records and manage all incoming and outgoing documents. Implement EHR system (electronic health records), train office staff, and coordinate/facilitate meetings between office staff and software developers.


2008 - 2012

Tempe, AZ

Arizona State University

Bachelor's of Science in Political Science

Dean's List

Certification in Civic Education and International Studies


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My Life

Here are my thoughts, what I am reading, where I am going, and anything else I think is interesting enough to post about my personal life.