With Regularity

Hi.  I am going to try to post here weekly to get used to writing in a (barely) public place.  Here's...

Things of Note.

Thank God 2016 is over.  This year I am going to try to regularly post here with whatever I think is interesting.  Sports picks, what I am consuming (coffee, restaurants, etc.), what I am reading, what I am listening to, what I am watching, and maybe some thoughts on current events and whatnot.

First and foremost, my biggest accomplishment in the new year is getting my wife to start watching Seinfeld with me.  Good habits take effort people, 2 episodes every other night is doing the trick for me. 

Secondly, 2017 is the start of a lot of ambitious goals.  I am keeping mine the same for the third year straight, this year I want to finally be able to dunk.

Speaking of dunking, man the Suns are tough to watch.  But, man, Chriss is going to be a fun player to watch.  I'll buy all of the stock on that guy.

Now on to the staples.

Picks (Home Team in CAPS)

HOUSTON TEXANS -3.5 over Oakland Raiders

Detroit Lions +8 at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS

PITTSBURGH STEELERS -10 over Miami Dolphins

New York Giants +4.5 at GREEN BAY PACKERS

What I'm Reading: RC Sproul Chosen By God

Humility.  I'll be the first to admit that I offer strong opinions, but only on things that I feel I am knowledgeable about.  The subject of Reformed Christianity is something that I do not fully understand, and I am excited to work through this over the next week or so.  

What I'm Watching: Sherlock (BBC) The Six Thatchers

Loved it.  So happy that this show is back in my life.  It took a really interesting turn and I like the new direction that they are taking. Watch it here, or on the PBS apps for free.  Also, the Wifey and I are really happy that New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are back from the holiday break.

What I'm Listening to: TOPxMM (twenty one pilots & MUTEMATH collaboration free here) and Childish Gambino "Awaken, My Love!"

What I'm Drinking: Coffee Fool Cremera/Fool's Dark Knight (50/50) and Press Coffee Roasters make a BOLD macchiato.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a good movie to watch that was nominated for a Golden Globe I will highly recommend Hell or High Water.  Ben Foster, Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine kill it in this modern Western with undertones of America's dissatisfaction with the white collar financial world.

Have a good weekend everybody.